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May 5 2011

Hey Stephanie, This program is offered through several lenders and is available and can be used to purchase this property.The ratios needed to qualify work on the calculation of the carrying costs for this property based on the 92k/yr (income maybe combined) and is accurate to... [ read more ]

Apr 27 2011

Hi Judy:  Thanks for your questions and for thinking of me!  Land transfer tax would be $3275.00.  Our fee on a purchase with a mortgage is $900 plus HST and the usual disbursements.  We usually tell clients to budget about $1600 plus the land transfer tax on a straight... [ read more ]

Mar 23 2011

Hello Stephen, I am familiar with that house and I have always admired it. Are they planning on changing the existing colour because that will influence the price. I have just the gentleman for you that will do a super job. His name is Reuben, and can be found at 705 795 4587. If Reuben is... [ read more ]

Mar 18 2011

Thank you for your question.... with the recent changes to the mortgage industry in relation to the limiting of the Amortization period to 30 years I ran my calculations based on that and at today's low rates. With an income of 69K and the 1000/mo obligation you are showing you should be... [ read more ]

Feb 26 2011

Good morning! Thank you for your inquiry. A paint colour consultation takes approximately one hour. During that time we review your likes and dislikes and how we can enhance the fixed elements of your home. I try to focus on delivering the style or personality you would like to portray in the... [ read more ]

Dec 10 2010

 Hi Thanks for inquiring. A consultation generally takes about an hour sometimes an hour and a half. The flat fee inside the Barrie area is $150.00. During the consultation we review short and long term goals and how to enhance your existing hard elements often avoiding costly changes . The... [ read more ]

Nov 24 2010

Hi Katie,  Thank you for your request. Yes, buying a home without having a down payment is possible.  Some banks will give you the 5% down payment, if your credit history over the last 6 years is good, and you can afford the payments, based on a posted mortgage rate. With regards to... [ read more ]

Nov 16 2010

Hi , Painting a hallway can be a daunting task. Is yours two storey or open to a foyer below ? These are things that definitely can effect the price.  A great painter to talk to should you decide to go the route of a professional , is Daryl Bedard @ 726-6289,  he  is very fairly... [ read more ]

Nov 5 2010

What are some of the upcoming trends?

Posted by Deanna McIvor to Sue Kay Views (14202)

There are four predominant looks for 2011. 'Farm' which is a new twist on country that's much more simplified and minimalist with natural tones punctuated by small amounts of fresh brights or deep classic navy and brown. 'Order' is a contemporary look that is dominated by repetition and... [ read more ]

Oct 20 2010

The best thing to do is curb appeal. Now everybody talks about curb appeal, but what is that? Anything that enhances the entry way from the driveway on . Always make sure the exterior is very well maintained and de-cluttered around  the front door. If it is within your budget to make any... [ read more ]

Sep 17 2010

Can I really buy a home with $0 down?

Posted by Nicola Bean to Cory Kline, AMP Views (5482)

Hi Nicola, I have a few lenders that are willing to provide the down payment for home buyers OAC, provided you are willing to commit to keeping the mortgage with them for the first 5 years.  It's a great option compared to renting until you can save your down payment. -Cory [ read more ]

Jul 1 2010

Hmmm...this is more of a question for a realtor than a lawyer I think...I am fairly sure they can access the last transaction so I believe they can tell you what the Vendors purchased the home for.  I am not sure if they can go back further than that.  If you really want to know, your... [ read more ]

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