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What is one of the best enhancements I can do when selling my home?

Posted by Valerie Martel to Sue Kay  ::  Views (18275)

Hi,  This is a great question.  Many times it depends upon the house . Some houses can really benefit from curb appeal, that will spike the intrigue and get your potential buyer in the door. Getting advice from an independant ie; stager or designer that your agent might suggest, is a great idea. In some cases you don't need an expensive fix it may be as simple as cleaning the yard and making sure garden edges are properly trimmed to show a well maintained and cared for the  property has been.  If it's inside that is your concern purging and decluttering and cleaning are essential. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most looked at areas for updates and cleanliness. Having said that I would not neccessarily redo these areas if your comparibles don't warrant this type of expenditure. That's why advice is always good and often available inexpensively.  If you wish you can send along pictures and I would be happy to assist on-line at no charge or an appointment in your home can be arranged at a rate of just $150 for a information packed hour. Thank you for your inquiry and you can try my personal cell # at 705 790 2284 and I will look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Sue Kay 

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