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Hi Sue, We want to refinish our kitchen cabinets and staircase banister and spindles. We want a dark espresso for the kitchen and the white spindles with a cherry stain for the banister to match our Brazilian hardwood floors. Can you recommend a striping product and stain. Also, the steps to take to prepare and complete out 2 projects. Thank you

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Many thanks for your inquiry and my apologies for the late response...The substrate of the cabinet will really determine the type of application you can do . I would recommend bringing a drawer or door front into Allandale to have one of our designers take a peak . They are all well versed on the possibilities and limitations of this type of project. When you proceed the steps are quite easy! A pretty thorough sanding will give you a dark effect quickly and generally after only two coats of colour you are ready to put on the top coat..a latex urethane that is excellent durability . I am in the store every weekday morning from 8:00 until 10:00 so please pop in and I can give you really thorough the meantime please go to our website at for an instructional video on our exclusive java bark product ! Many thanks and I hope to see you soon!

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