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Mortgage Market Update

Dec 13, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3304)

Both the mortgage and bond rates remained steady the past week, remaining close to historical lows. We have 5 year money at 2.99% with many lenders,10 year funds as low as 3.79% and variable rates in the... [ read more ]

Bank of Canada Announcement

Dec 4, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3447)

As expected, there was no change in the Bank of Canada press release. Bank prime remains at 3%.   This means no changes in variable rate mortgages or line of credit rates.... [ read more ]

Cory's Mortgage Market Update

Nov 29, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3130)

Both the bond market and interest rate market remained steady the past 7 days. We have 5 year money as low as 2.99%, 10 year money as low as 3.79%. Variable rate costs as low as prime less.35%.... [ read more ]

TFSA Annual Contribution Limit Increasing to $5500

Nov 26, 2012

Blog posted by Kevin Harris Views (8622)

The Canadian government announced today that the annual limit on what one can contribute to their Tax Free Savings Account will increase by $500 starting in 2013. This is the first year since its introduction in 2009 that the government has raised the... [ read more ]

Cory's Market Comment...

Nov 15, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3825)

An uneventful week in terms of interest rates. Bonds remained steady with 5 year money currently in the 2.99% - 3.09% range. We still have 10 year funds available at 3.89%.... [ read more ]

Buying a House (with your parents)

Nov 14, 2012

Blog posted by Joanne McPhail Views (13913)

Back in “the day” when a young person buying a home needed some help from his/her parents to get their first mortgage, the parents would act as “guarantors” of the mortgage.  This obviously came with risk to the parents, but more often... [ read more ]

A Shorter Amortization Will Save You Thousands

Nov 14, 2012

Blog posted by Kevin Harris Views (7888)

With today’s historically low interest rates, it makes sense to shorten the number of years your mortgage is amortized over. Doing this will not only pay off your mortgage years earlier, but it will also save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your... [ read more ]

Market Update and Economic Forecast...

Nov 8, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3168)

Rates remained unchanged the past week. In the article below is a summary of an economic forecast given by Craig Alexander of TD Bank, one of Canada's top economist, last evening.... [ read more ]

Fall and Winter Maintenance Calendar:

Nov 7, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (4647)

Fall and Winter Maintenance Calendar: Fall is the perfect time to get your home ready for the coming winter, which can be the most gruelling season for your home. During winter months, it’s important to follow... [ read more ]

Article from The Globe and Mail: Pay your mortgage like it’s 2007. You'll save a pile of money...

Nov 6, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3731)

Just 60 short months ago, mortgage rates were double what they are now. That means payments on a 25-year mortgage of equal size were 36% higher than today.Since then, the amortization gods have slashed mortgage rates and payments. Compared to interest costs in... [ read more ]

100% Mortgage Update...

Nov 5, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (3067)

100% Mortgage Update... We have started the "Bank" new year on Nov 1st, and almost all lending companies have removed their 100% Mortgage options. However I have called CMHC, Genworth and Canada Guaranty, and they are all still offering the Cash Back Down... [ read more ]

What is a colour consultation?

Oct 8, 2012

Expert Question posted by Sue Kay Views (10624)

Good morning! Thank you for your inquiry. A paint colour consultation takes approximately one hour. During that time we review your likes and dislikes and how we can enhance the fixed elements of your home. I try to focus on delivering the style or personality... [ read more ]

Cory's Mortgage Market Comment

Oct 5, 2012

Blog posted by Cory Kline, AMP Views (4019)

In the past week, there was virtually no change in the bond or mortgage rates. Costs of all funds remain extremely low. All lenders and mortgage insurers are continuing to tighten up on lending policies. This makes it even more important that you are dealing... [ read more ]

Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Oct 1, 2012

Blog posted by Kevin Harris Views (8932)

If you couldn’t tell by the cooler weather and that it’s dark by 8pm, Fall has graced us with its presence. The arrival of Fall makes us want to curl up with a blanket by the fire and read a good book. But before that can be done, there are... [ read more ]

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